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Crayons, Playdoh & Wax

Crayons, Playdoh & Wax

Leslie’s Life being colored, shaped and molded


It’s Been Forever

But I have been so good about updating Twitter and being on Facebook. With all the stuff going on though, I think I need a place to be able to write and have it be more than 140 characters ;)

Just some of the stuff I am pondering and thinking about… K started middle school. Still not sure why I am having such a hard time with that one. Granted, she is not a little girl any more.

We changed churches. I loved the church we were at. I didn’t want to change, but I was tired of going alone. So, we are back at a UMC. The good thing is that K is getting to go to MYF. I have such fabulous memories of youth group. That part I’m glad. She feels like she fits in better. I however am having a hard time with how small the church is. Not that small is the issue, just not as many options. There is 1 women’s class…. on Tuesday AM. I work Monday and Tuesday nights. I would be falling asleep during class and then sleeping from the time I got home til I went to work that night. I’ll think about it, just not sure. The people are really friendly, but of course the first thing they ask is: are you new to the neighborhood? No, we don’t even LIVE IN the neighborhood. Do they not want the church to grow? Can’t be all secluded and only doing stuff for the west side. Ken’s all worried that I’m going to get back in the middle of working at Emmaus stuff again. Guess we’ll see.

Work is going good. We’re growing. I am eligible to sit for the registry, but it is expensive and it never fails, every time the deadline comes up, something else is due also. Hopefully I can take it in November. I can’t believe I’ve been there almost a year already. The advantage, I have seniority, and as they keep hiring more people, I stay at the top :) The neighbor is moving out, so our Springs lab is expanding. We are opening more beds and adding some showers. As it is, we are up to 7 nights a week. In April we went to 6 nights a week when I offered to start working Sunday nights and just about a week ago we opened Saturday nights when they hired a new tech to work Saturday nights. I’m excited. I love it when we grow.

Hopefully I will do better at updating now. I think I have an app on my iPod Touch to update this now as well. I haven’t even been going to my reunion group, so I feel like I haven’t been keeping in touch with anyone. All I seem to do is work and sleep and run the dd around. Work schedule is supposed to calm down as well. Then maybe I can have a real life ;)

Ken’s job is going well. They just released a new update on their software that are driving people crazy. Apparently people don’t realize that email has a DELETE button and people are freaking out because they are actually getting email. This is stressing him out and so then he is coming home and taking it out on us. Or… he just stays at work until midnight working on stuff. Not a fun mix. Either he’s upset or not home. Hopefully they will get this all worked out soon. It’s a great feature if people could figure it out!!

Going to be having a Pampered Chef party in a couple of weeks. New catalog starts Sept 1. If you want to see it, hollar or you can visit Jen’s website. I quit selling over a year ago, but my neighbor right across the street started, so I still get my fix :) Supposed to have a Gold Canyon Party as well, and still owe a PartyLite party from the spring that I had to cancel. It’s fall. Time to start Christmas shopping, right?

Put a bunch of pictures up from our trip to Alaska on Facebook. I need to renew my flickr account so I can get them up on there as well…. but in the mean time, if you are a friend on FB, you can see them there ;)

My SIL, Via lost her Mom last week to Cancer. Don’t think I am going to make it down for the funeral this weekend. My MIL is having surgery soon as she has CA as well. At least her’s should be well contained following a hysterectomy. Ken is still kind of freaking though. Basically, if you have to get CA, I think that is the kind to get. Remove the parts and it’s gone ;)

I’ve been doing good. My back acted up last week, but since it hasn’t happened since LAST August, I guess I can’t complain. Fibro is REALLY bad today. Praying it’s just the weather!! Need to find out if there is a way to do traction on my ankles. That really seems to help though… and I can physically see a difference in the blood flow to my toes when they actually pull on my ankles. Problem is, I can’t do it to myself.

I think that’s about it for today. Anyone know of someone who wants to buy a hard top and doors for jeep wrangler? Ken decided he wants to sell his hard top and buy a soft top. He thinks that if it is snapped on tight, it will have less leaks than the hard top that doesn’t fit well. Guess we’ll see. I just know we need to get something done so he’ll stop stealing my car when it rains ;) I got a new car this summer. Good thing is, he likes my car. He likes to drive it… and thus I get to drive the jeep. But just for the record HAIL HURTS!! I had to run and pick up K after school one day in the jeep and it started hailing. No doors… I got nailed!!!

Oh, and if you aren’t a friend on FB… my user name is: You guessed it: Crayonsetc ;)

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By Les
On August 24, 2009
At 11:01 pm
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Happy New Year!!

Ok, so it took me until the 7th to actually write something. I keep saying I am going to do better, and then I don’t… but at least now I have a little thing on the side that you can sign up to be notified when I do FINALLY update!! I am going to put it on Better Me as well. I have been doing really well at updating my ticker, but apparently the only place you can see that I have actually gotten to -60 lbs is on Facebook!!! (yah, going to try and get the ticker on Better Me too). My class reunion is in May (late, but at least they are having it) and the same week as our 20th Anniversary. Only 2 sizes and I will be able to fit in my wedding dress by our anniversary!!! I had told dh if I was at OnderLand by Christmas we are going. I was within 5 lbs by New Years… close enough!!!

Work is going well. I only have 1 patient tonight, so it does give me a few extra minutes… thus the update. I am finding that on my days off, I amnot wanting to do much, but that also comes in over at Better Me… so I am headed there to update next!!! That seems to be my big focus right now… weightloss!!

I actually got my Christmas cards out… so if you didn’t get one… I probably didn’t have your address… so email it to me ;) (you know who you are!!) We did a picture card and I did a letter and bunch of pictures from all our travels this summer. I have already started looking into our vacation stuff for this year. With our 20th in May, I plan for Ken and I to go away just the 2 of us, and then we are going to go on vacation this summer… just not on July 13 as we have a wedding that day!!! (and Jeani would kill me if I wasn’t there!! Almost like missing my own kids wedding… not happening!!!)

I hope 2009 is a wonderful year for you and God blesses you greatly!!! Off to update Better Me and try out a work out dvd I got!!

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By Les
On January 7, 2009
At 3:00 am
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Happy Halloween!!

Ok, so I am at work… and decided I would blog a bit. Life is a little crazy. Working on getting things in life worked out. Like when to sleep… turning off my phone? Yet I use it as an alarm clock. People kept calling about the time I would start to fall asleep… Probably why I am so tired today… I barely slept yeterday… and took a short nap right before coming in.

Tuesday was H’s birthday. I can’t believe she is 15 already. She has turned into a BEAUTIFUL young woman! She is in ROTC, and once she was able to switch to the HS that she wanted to go to, she is loving being in HS.

Thursday was Clare’s birthday. I start going through stuff like how long I have known people… and realized I have known her for 33 years. That is a REALLY LONG TIME!!

Oh, I got an email from my boss this morning. He asked me if I wanted to work the study on Saturday night. MTV is coming to record us doing a study. I was shocked. It is only my 3rd week. Either I am doing well, or he REALLY doesn’t want to be on TV ;) I said yes. It sounds fun. Not that I would be star struck or anything since I have absolutely NO CLUE who anyone on MTV is… or for that matter half the songs they even play. The only time I hear current music is when they have someone on The View ;) (actually I have been recording SNL cuz of the political stuff with Tina Fay ;))

Ok, I am off to stuff some charts and then stuff some goodie bags for dd’s class party tomorrow… which watching the screen and keeping an eye on the patients ;)

Happy Halloween - Les

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By Les
On October 31, 2008
At 12:37 am
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Working… The Night Shift

Well, I got a job. Right now I work about 33 hours a week. Probably as close to full time as dh is going to get me at this point ;) I work 3 nights a week at a sleep lab… so yes, I work OVERnight. I love it and am fitting in really well. I just need to get into a schedule that will work for us and me. I start my regular schedule tomorrow night. (Mon) so that will be good. Hopefully it will stay steady for now. My boss is thinking about hiring another RT though, so I might need to make some changes… or maybe since I have seniority I will get to keep my 3 first choices :)

It does make me feel good to know that I am doing good. I have worked 6 shifts at this point… gotten my first paycheck (which was only for 3 nights and 1 day study that was only 8 hours), so the next check will give me a good idea of where I will be. Then as soon as I can have 10 studies where my boss and I agree 90% of the time, I move to a tech status, and then I am a flat rate. It will be really nice. I have 1 down… and since it was out of 5, I am pretty impressed. I almost had a 2nd one… but was off a little toward the end of the night, which took me to 70% instead (agreeing). Dh was oh so supportive (NOT). When I told him about already having 1, he was like ‘well, it’s a start). The fastest my boss has had someone get to tech status is 2 months… so I am out to break a record here ;) I want to learn this. I know all the rest, except for the EEG parts of it… so that is the part I am working on learning.

I am still working at MOPS 2 mornings a month too… so that is why I am glad that I am not working on Wednesday nights. I work with the 3 year olds. It is fun and keeps me in my kid fix!! Oh, and doing GS twice a month… the weekly thing was getting to be too much… so every other week is enough!!

Oh, and get this… next week… MTV is coming and filming us doing a study. Not sure how we got this, but it will be great for the business… granted, I am not working, but I will post it here when it is going to air… so you can at least check out where I work… and what I do :) My boss is going to run the study, but he doesn’t want to be on camera, so I believe our marketing guy is going to do all the talking. That is actually who got me my job. J’s girlfriend works with Ken and we met at the bi-annual dinner back in September. The interesting part is, that neither of us were going to go to the dinner, and we ended up sitting across from each other. When he told me he was in the process of buying 3 sleep labs, I was like ‘really?’ ;) We started talking and I told him that was the area I was wanting to move into. He passed on my name to my boss, and the rest is history ;) J gave me a great compliment the other night. He told me that M can’t say enough great things about me and that he wished he could clone me to have at his labs. Our company was 5 labs total, and as of last week, M bought out all the partners and sold J 3 of the labs. Kind of cool. Since J does the marketing, M helps with staffing and J does marketing for us. So we are still kind of all one, just joint owners :)

Oh, and since I am working The night shift. I started a group on Twitter Moms (it’s a forum, so now, you don’t have to Twitter to join) call The Night Shift so come join me :)

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By Les
On October 26, 2008
At 4:32 pm
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Fun stuff

Ok, so I have been playing with the layout… and I added a nice little button that will be nice for those of you who like to visit but get tired of me NEVER updating :) It is a subscribe button :) you can either subscribe to a reader or you can enter your email address and you will get 1 email each evening when I have updated. (and none if I haven’t)

Anyway, when I am all finished here, I will go and add some to Better Me as well!! Since I am even worse about updating over there!!! Hopefully now that I can do this from my phone, it will get better!!!

BTW, I haven’t posted here, but I had a job interview on Friday and I am supposed to hear today if I got the job. It will be in a Sleep lab, so I will be working Nights, but will be able to update a little more often too… if I get the job :) Prayers would be appreciated! I do believe God has been in the middle of the whole thing. I wasn’t going to go to the dinner for Ken’s work a couple weeks ago. Things moved around and I went. I ended up sitting across from this guy who is a partner in the sleep labs. (turns out HE wasn’t going to the dinner either). Anyway, after lots of back and forth about whether they had openings, wanted to hire an RRT and such, I got called last Thursday to interview on Friday. It went well and all the staff are Christians. They are praying about hiring me. If they hire me, they are going to train me, which most of the hospitals don’t want to do. 3 nights a week… not a bad deal. Cell phone is sitting in front of me… so I don’t miss it!!

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By Les
On October 2, 2008
At 12:00 pm
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It’s October

This is one of my favorite months of the year. I LOVE pumpkins, I LOVE Halloween. I love the leaves changing and the colors! The weather has been amazing. Right now we have been averaging 10-13 degrees above normal. It’s October and I am still wearing shorts!

We leave next week for our cruise. I can’t believe it’s here.

I can say that I am truly ready for this whole election stuff to be over. I have been enjoying all the discussions that have been going on. I do think I have to agree with Whoopi when she says that it doesn’t matter how much experience they have, NO ONE is ready to be President unless they have done it before. I do totally enjoy Tina Fay portraying Sarah Palin though.

Speaking of The View, I LOVE this show… I even tivo it… the only talk show I tivo. My thing is, I wish they would at least comment on this whole rumor about Elisabeth leaving. Either confirm, deny or just tell us that the offer is on the table but no decision has been made, but stop leaving us hanging! I find myself reading something into everything. Whoopi came down on E on Fri or Mon (I don’t remember which) Today Barbara made a point of telling her she’s glad she is there, but be specific (even if E did make a smart a*$ comment that you would expect from a teen and that would have gotten my dd’s mouth smacked). I like Elisabeth… cheered for her on Survivor, was excited when she got the job, but I think they nailed it today and I have been saying the same thing… She is passionate about her beliefs, which is great, but sometimes, you just have to say that the other side is right! Sometimes you have to admit that your people screwed up or stepped in it. There has only been 1 perfect person on this earth, and they strung Him up on a cross almost 2000 years ago. EVERYONE ELSE is human, and human’s screw up!

So there you go… my .2¢ on that. Still have no clue who I am voting for (but still curious who will be on the ticket come Nov) I heard about this Psycic who has called every election since JFK, and he said that the 2 people that are on the ticket now, won’t be who we are voting for come Nov. I am more curious to see if he is right this time!

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By Les
On October 1, 2008
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Better Me

I got Better Me going again. Hopefully it will keep up this time and do better!!!! At least I am in smaller clothes!!!

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By Les
On September 18, 2008
At 9:56 am
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School Is Going To Be The Death Of Me

I was really hoping after last year, school would get better. Ok, it would help if I had her at a quiet room, at a table and I could could go about my business. The problem, she doesn’t need me sitting right there, cuz she can DO the work, but you can’t leave her alone because she won’t do a thing.

Right now our days consist of fighting in the morning (to get dressed). She will be awake, and then just sit there. Then even if she is ready, she has to put on her shoes. I figured out why we always wore Crocs, No tying! She takes almost 5 minutes per shoe! They don’t make Good Quality Shoes (that will make the podiatrist happy) that valcro.

Then she gets to school, doesn’t get everything done, not because she can’t do it, but because she is slow. So they send home whatever she can’t get done, meaning MORE homework. So then we spend the after-school FIGHTING, doing homework until dinner, then finishing what she hasn’t gotten done.

If we let her work in the kitchen without supervision, she turns on the TV. If she has to do work on the computer, she goes to the Warrior sites instead of the homework. She is 10, I shouldn’t have to watch EVERY SINGLE thing she does. No consequence seems to phase her. The first thing I actually found that comes close to working was me taking away her Warrior books. I had to explain to her teacher that she was saying she didn’t have a book to read, and I pointed out that she has library books and can read them. I told her teacher I only took away the 1 series to try and teach her about appropriate times for reading. An hour in the bathroom instead of homework, or at 10:30 at night instead of sleeping on a school night. Reading is good, but, HELLO!

She then doesn’t get to sleep on time, doesn’t get enough sleep, doesn’t want to get up, or wakes up late. Is crabby at school and doesn’t want to do her work, which they send home, which means more homework, which makes a vicious cycle!

Tuesday her teacher said to me “she isn’t turning her work in” and how “behind she is getting”, how “it is becoming a habit”, etc… I won’t even start on my frustration of Monday night, I had my reunion group… nothing new… every Monday for at least 3 years now! Tuesday, Ken has bible study, so it was just us. She was almost done with what is in her planner, so I left her alone, and I was not listening to MY doctor and was weed-eating the yard (the teen we hired did not come back as promised, and did a horrible job… Will not hire him again btw, didn’t want to this time, but K wouldn’t let me mow and I couldn’t even guilt the other person in the house to do it) Anyway, using the weed eater was not a problem, til I went to our south side of the front yard… to big of a hill and it hurt my toe! (trying to hold myself up… I had Ken’s croc on the surgery foot and my croc on the other, so toes were covered)

Anyway, my point, cuz I was way off track, she told me she was done except printing her grades and I had to approve the website (I Love my Mac), so I said she could play, and we would print the page after dinner. When I got in the house, I was looking in her folder and found MORE homework that she ‘forgot’ about. So, we spent the rest of the evening doing that. At 9:30, I reminded her she had’t had dinner yet. I had eaten while she was ‘playing’. Our neighbor’s gma was taking them chasing the moon since it was full. So, not only did she not get a shower, I was making her a sandwich at almost 10. Ken had gotten home and was hiding in the basement. Wednesday we ALL over slept, and she still moves just as slow! She gets very upset when her friends don’t wait, but if she doesn’t walk right out the door when they get here, they leave without her! (even when it is early!!) Then I get frustrated, cuz she gets upset.

Then in the afternoon I get a call from the school cuz she is ‘off’ at school and having issues, (she wrote on a paper that one of the para’s was Stupid… kids!!) cuz she is exhausted, which leads to more homework, and the cycle continues. Not to mention the fact she now has NO time for chores, the cats scream at me all day because their litter box is FILTHY, and it is self cleaning, but it is so full, it can’t do anything…. I gave up on her putting away dishes, because the sink was so full of dirty dishes, I couldn’t stand it anymore… and I did it… etc….

On Wednesday night K has bible study. She got her homework done, so she got to go, but was finishing the last 2 math questions and finishing coloring her map on the way up… it is a 15 minute drive to the Ministry Center, and I had to take her, even though I am still not allowed to drive! Then I asked Ken to get her dinner on his way to get her, so she could eat on the way home and get in the shower, cuz today is picture day. And he waits til after so she doesn’t have cold food. Since when does she care? So, at 10:30, she is heading to bed, cuz since when can K take a 5 minute shower… and Thursday is choir, Before school, which means getting up early. And then he wonders why I am putting in a call to my therapist before he leaves to go get her to see if they have an appointment for today!!!!

I am going to spend the night in Denver tonight, so I don’t have to get up so early tomorrow. I just need to get away!!! Women of Faith is this weekend. I so NEED this!

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My Foot

So, incase you haven’t noticed, I have been talking about my feet a WHOLE lot lately! I had surgery on the 3rd on my little toe. This toe is the toe I broke in 2003. I have even had physical therapy on this toe to try and get it so I could wear closed toed shoes, but no luck.

I had finally, half joking, asked the doctor at one of K’s appointments to cut off my toe. It was then that he said we could do hammer toe surgery. The doctor asked if I wanted the big toes or little toes done first, and I said little. If we had actually x-rayed my foot first, we would have figured that the bone spur on my right foot was as bad as the one on my left. My mom tried to talk me into postponing my surgery to do both, but I didn’t want to wait and the doctor didn’t have time in his schedule to add the 2nd toe, and if I wait, I wouldn’t have my boot off by the cruise. (yah, I haven’t gotten that far in my posts, we were going to do the Alaskan cruise, but that is a whole lot of money for not knowing if we get sea sick or if the weird ‘issues’ will tolerate the closeness, so we are going on a 3 day cruise next month to Mexico)

The doctor never x-rayed my toe until the week before surgery, and no wonder I had so much pain! My toe was shaped like ) instead of l and there was some extra bone. Plus I believe when I asked him about my big toe spur, his exact comment was ‘oh, that is interesting’. Not something you really want to hear from your doctor, and something I hear way too much!

So, I think my toes have something to do with my closterphobia, as well as being my thermastat. I made it til Tuesday last week before I had to cut the new bandage off my toes. Tonight, I made it about 4 hours before I cut it open, but that was my toes itched! I told them that when I called last week about the itching, it wasn’t healing itching, cuz if it was, Zyrtec would not of taken care of it. I said something about being allergic to the dressing. The tech said, it doesn’t have latex. I laughed and said, since when do I do anything normal? All I know is my foot itches and my toes look like water balloons. I put lotion on both feet tonight (the parts not covered at least) but now BOTH feet itch. The weird part is, it was one of the lotions I could use and not have a reaction. Not sure what is up, but looking for my Zyrtec again!

And 1 more week til they remove the stitches! (btw, pictures in Flickr ->)

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By Les
On September 15, 2008
At 11:30 pm
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Continuing With My Crazy Summer

July started really nice. My MIL & SIL were in town with 2 of the 3 nieces, so K spent a lot of time at Kerry’s.

4th of July we spent in Broomfield with friends and could see 10-12 firework shows at once from the park we were at since Broomfield is just a little higher.

We celebrated our nephew Z’s 2nd bday early, so the family could be there. His bday is the same day as mine, and we were in San Diego for mine. My MIL & crew left on Monday and we flew to San Diego on Tuesday.

We were so excited. We realized that we had not taken a family vacation since we went to Hawaii when K was only 16 mo. Ken says going to visit family doesn’t count, even if we do try and do something fun during the trip. We went to Carlsbad Caverns in 05, but it was on the way to Texas for his sister’s wedding. K and I went on a month long vacation in 05, with my Mom & Sister, and it did include family, but Ken wasn’t with us.

We got the Go San Diego card, which included so many things, just not Sea World. We thought about the 3 for 5 pass, but then we had to pay for everything else, and the zoo & wild animal park were on both. So that is why we decided to go with the go card. We got a great deal on ou Sea World admission too. We got the adult tickets for the price of a child and got a 2nd day free. K is old enough, she is considered an adult for Sea World. That is also one of the things that helped us decide on the go card, cuz with the 3 for 5 card, we had to get K an adult card. Every where else, kids are up to 11 or 12 and Sea World is 9.

Well, I will do our trip in its own entry. This is getting long on its own.

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